Breathing Oxygen

However, the skin’s share in man’s breathing as a whole is negligible compared with that of the lungs. This is under­standable if we take into account the fact that the total surface of man’s skin is scarcely two square metres, while the surface of the lungs with all their seven hundred million alveoli spread flat is at least 90 toRead the rest of this page »

Replenishment of Energy Resources

Speaking of exotic tastes one should not forget the coprophagous animals, which do a great deal of good (kopros is the Greek for dung, phagos means one who devours). Many animals only resort to eating excrements for a short time. For instance, some of the dog family will eat the faeces of their offspring while they are very young. ThisRead the rest of this page »

Arrest of Respiration

It was quiet in the operating-room. A young anesthetist was bending over a girl patient. Everything was ready for the operation. The operation to be performed was quite a simple one. Nevertheless, it is still frightening to be on the operating table, so it is not surprising that the patient became particularly frightened when the first drop of ether reached her lungeRead the rest of this page »